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Clooui is a footwear brand that was born in Ibiza in 2015 by the hand of Priscila Sanjuán, a young woman from San Sebastián who has been surrounded by fashion since she was born.


He studied fashion design and at the end he completed a Master in styling and photography in Madrid. His need to continue learning made him move to London where he studied Fashion Stylist at the prestigious Central Saint Martins school.


There she began to develop her career as a fashion designer and stylist.

Priscila, in love with Ibiza since she was young, moved to the island in 2015 where she began to make her first designs inspired by her favorite coves. Here the first Clooui collection was born.


The project was born out of passion and respect for handcrafted products, which is why  The entire collection is made 100% in the province of Alicante, the cradle of artisan footwear worldwide.


Clooui is a footwear firm created for the woman and man of today who likes fashion and seeks comfort in footwear without losing a sophisticated touch in their outfit.

The color palette ranges from black to the most vivid colors.


In the midst of a national and international expansion plan, Clooui is sold in the best stores in Spain and continues to grow!

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